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WINGS Health

WINGS Health, an application developed for the support of cancer patients and their environments, before, during and after therapeutic processes! 

Cancer diagnosis

One cancer diagnosis – and nothing is the same as before. 

Cancer can fundamentally change your life and the lives of those around you. WINGS Health helps you to better manage and understand these changes.   

An app, that supports you in many ways. Whether in everyday life, during therapy or in your free time: WINGS Health accompanies you. 

WINGS Health creates …  

WINGS App Contacts

… Cohesion!

WINGS makes it easy for you to build a supportive network. By inviting people important to you to WINGS and sharing with them what you need and what you like. For example, sharing experiences can strengthen relationships and create unique moments. 

WINGS App Information

… Knowledge!

WINGS supports you with valuable information and helpful tips from experts and affected persons to better understand the disease and to deal with it in everyday life. 

WINGS App Activities

… Activity!

WINGS inspires you, to craete balance with versalite activities and to take time for yourself. 

WINGS App Health

… Clarity!

WINGS gives you the opportunity to monitor your daily emotional state in order to be able to react to patterns. At the same time, your environment can pick you up from where you are at the moment.  

WINGS App Events

… Community!

WINGS connects you with other individuals affected by cancer or experts by announcing events. 

WINGS App Calendar

… Overview!

WINGS allows you, to view all your events and appointments in a centralised location with an integrated calendar. 

WINGS App Support

… Support!

WINGS offers you a platform, through which you can ask your friends and loved ones for help with daily activities with a single click. 

(available soon) 

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Universitätsspital Basel
Kantonsspital Baselland
Universität Zürich UZH