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Support for cancer patients via app

Zurich, February 2022. Diagnosis of cancer – and life turns upside down. 

Many cancer patients withdraw because they want to avoid being a burden to those around them. The app WINGS Health offers them the opportunity to get the support they need. Relatives and friends can also find help there on how to deal with the disease and approach those affected. The app was developed by the Zurich-based start-up company WINGS Health AG.

Cancer permeates all areas of life and many affected people need intensive support to cope. And: the cancer disease does not end with the end of the therapy. Back in everyday life, the psychological burden is often particularly great and draining. 

Out of being overwhelmed, many patients withdraw and avoid asking for help – although they would urgently need it. WINGS Health offers support: By using the app, those affected receive information provided by experts based on their interests and suggestions for joint activities, e.g. with family members and friends – including practical, detailed planning for implementation with a special focus on the specific needs of cancer patients. 

“Dealing with the disease is also a major challenge for the social environment,” explains Christoph Schröter from WINGS Health AG. “If those affected signal to their family or friends via the app, ‘I would like to do something,’ this takes away the inhibition threshold for the relatives to approach those affected.”

Extensive knowledge for better understanding

In addition to inspiration for possible activities, WINGS Health offers a large pool of well-founded knowledge on the diagnosis of cancer, information from experts on the topic of “living and dealing with the disease” and on ways to receive support. Because: For those affected, the disease brings great uncertainty. “The diagnosis is frightening and unsettles the patients,” says Christoph Schröter. “When they begin to understand the disease, this knowledge provides some assistance in dealing with the diagnosis and getting through the therapy.” 

The information is provided in collaboration with the Cancer League Zurich, MediService AG and Novartis Pharma Switzerland AG. “Our partners and experts are helping to lend WINGS Health wings. Together we are pursuing the goal of optimising the treatment of patients in Switzerland and supporting patients and their relatives in various areas of life,” says Schröter.

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The WINGS Health app is available free of charge in the Apple Store and Google Playstore.

Image material is available for download here.

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About WINGS Health

WINGS Health was developed by Evoleen – Evoleen brings digital health solutions to the market, working closely with healthcare companies. WINGS Health empowers patients in a very intuitive way, helps them understand the disease and coaches them on the path to a new normal.

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